Mount Etna
Mount Etna erupts again. Salvatore Allegra, Flickr

As the Mt. Etna volcano came to life again and started erupting in the southern Italy on the island of Sicily, inhabitants were not worried but rather bemused.

The volcanic eruption took place as on July 30 2011 in Catania-the eight time this year that the volcano erupts- but fortunately, the lava that flown into a valley overnight did not represent a danger to inhabited areas.

Etna is the highest active volcano in Europe at 3,295 metres (10,810 feet), and during its latest eruption, flames coming out of the lava were fired in the air, reaching an altitude of about 250 meters, according to witnesses.

There were concerns that the ash could block flights out of nearby Catania airport but according to observers, strong winds managed to blow away the ash rapidly not affecting the Islands inhabitants or the Island's airport and no flights had been cancelled or delayed.

First reports that Mt. Etna volcano erupts appeared on Saturday morning with the volcano demonstrating its activity through Saturday and Sunday, following a six month period of inactivity.

No one suffered injuries and no property was damaged during the volcano eruptions, which have in the last year become much more frequent.