Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho believes there are a host of teams vying for the Premier League title.

Jose Mourinho believes that Arsenal, Manchester City, Manchester United and Southampton are still in the race for the title after Chelsea defeated Liverpool at Anfield.

The Reds looked disorganised at the back and with Mario Balotelli misfiring once again the side didn't look a match for the table-leaders, who at the time of writing are four points ahead of second-placed Southampton in the title race.

Many have lauded Mourinho's side as the next invincibles but the manager believes they will lose in the future and have a host of teams to compete with over the next six months.

He told BT Sport: "In the second half showed something new, which is to be 1-1 at Anfield and don't accept the result as a good result and play to win.

"I think we were very impressive, we want to play, we want to win we want the ball. The personality of the team is amazing. The best team by far was the blue team and the team that deserved to win was Chelsea.

"Unbeaten through the season is the impossible job, I think we will lose. I think we have a very good chance to win the title but I think we, Arsenal, Manchester City, Manchester United and Southampton are all still in the race. All we can say is that we are the champions of the autumn."

Liverpool went ahead within 10 minutes but didn't hold onto the lead for long with Chelsea equalising through Gary Cahill and then finding a winner with Diego Costa in the second half.

It was more prevalent in this part of the match just how much Liverpool were struggling and Mourinho believes this was as much a sign of Chelsea's brilliance this season as the work which Brendan Rodgers has to do in the coming weeks.

"I was on the bench in the second half and for me it did not look the normal pressure you feel at Anfield because my team is fantastic," he explained.

"I thought Liverpool tried everything, they did well, but Chelsea was the best team. My previous team started winning in 2004-05 and the same team won year after year, trophies after trophies.

"This is a new team, a new era for Chelsea. We are obviously happy with the squad and the quality of football but no team gets into history without trophies and, at the moment, this team has no trophies."