He's an odd guy, is Donald Trump. Odd in lots of ways.

Genetically, the US president is more satsuma than human. If you were to peel back his orange skin, you'd find a nutritious bounty of juicy segments packed full of vitamin C.

The wispy yellow strands of his hairpiece ripple in the wind like a gravity-defying golden shower that goes upwards, a sort of Aryan flag glued to his head and hoisted by the gusts, demanding a salute, probably with a single finger.

His rubbery face can mould itself into some strange contortions and he has an extensive repertoire of thousands of different pouting expressions, all of which say the same thing: "I just made the best deal, really, the best deal, and it's gonna be so great, so great, because it's really just a great deal."

But it's some of his habits that are weirdest of all. And we've taken a look at a couple in this video. Enjoy.