Mozilla Firefox 36.0.4
Mozilla Firefox 36.0.4 flickr/Titanas

Mozilla has released the stable version of its Firefox 36.0.4 web browser for users of Windows, Mac, Linux desktop OSes and the Android mobile platform.

Firefox users on desktop would automatically get Firefox 36.0.4 update, and those who want to download the browser can navigate to the Firefox official download site.

Mozilla 36.0.4 is available for download, for Android users, from the official Google Play store.

The update comes with new enhancements, as well as regular developer-level performance enhancements and fixes to known bugs.

New enhancements

Mozilla's Firefox 36.0.4 provides for syncing of Pinned tiles on the new tab page. This process reduces the load time of new tabs and lets users browse the web comparatively faster.

Another enhancement is the incorporation of support for full HTTP/2 protocol. Generally, HTTP/2 protocol enables a faster, comparatively more scaleable and more responsive web.

The latest updated consists the new tablet interface UI for users of Android mobile platform. The latest UI revamps the toolbar that brings a comparatively less-cluttered screen layout.

The fullscreen tab panel is now accessible from the toolbar, and provides a refreshed visual overview of tabs.

What's fixed?

For desktop users, shut down hangs will now show the crash reporter before exiting the program. Users can check out a list of what's changed here.

For Android mobile, Firefox 36.0.4 will no longer accept insecure RC4 ciphers whenever possible. A full list of fixes is available here.

Apart from the above enhancements and bug fixes, Mozilla Firefox 36.0.4 incorporates multiple developer-level enhancements. Check out the developer changelog.