Mozilla Firefox 35 has entered the stable public release stage and the web browser is now available for free download for users of Windows, Mac, Linux and Android operating platforms.

Firefox users should automatically get Firefox 35, and users who want to download the web browser can click here to navigate to the official download site.

Users on Google's Android platform can click here to navigate to the Google Play store, to download Mozilla Firefox 35.

Mozilla 35 comes with new enhancements, as well as regular developer-level performance enhancements and fixes to known bugs.

New enhancements

Firefox Hello is a free cross-browser app that can be used during video chatting. Firefox Hello now comes with a new rooms-based conversations model.

Users can launch the Hello tool from the toolbar. Hello can also be added to the toolbar by right-clicking toolbar and selecting Customize.

To begin a new conversation, users can select the 'Start a conversation' option and indulge in in-browser video chatting.

Hello also comes with a new search interface which is now optimised to feature more locales.

Users can access the Firefox Marketplace from the Tools menu and the optional toolbars button.

Firefox 35 also features improved HD image resizing and improved handling of dynamic styling changes, which are said to lead to better responsiveness.

For Mac OS X users, Firefox 35 features built-in support for H264 (MP4) on Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) and newer versions, through native APIs.

Finally, there is the Public Key Pinning functionality that is said to enhance security and protection levels during in-browser activities.

Public Key Pinning eliminates website spoofing. The feature makes sure that Firefox 35 only accepts valid/trustworthy website certificates issued by recognised certificate authorities (CA), rather than random built-in root certificates.

It allows site operators to specify which CAs issue valid certificates for them.

Firefox 35 users will also notice a new lock like symbol that displays prompts whenever root certificate for a pinned website does not match with recognised CAs.

Along with the above new features, Firefox 35 also incorporates the conventional performance/stability enhancements.

For Android

Users of the Mozilla Firefox 35 Android application should now be able to use the Android Download Manager to keep track of downloaded files.

Also, the Android app, post updating, claims to boost Mozilla's geolocation service by sharing users' wi-fi and cellular signals.

Users can enable this feature by opening the Settings menu and selecting the Mozilla Location Services option under Data Choices, in the Mozilla section.

Other developer based changes to Mozilla 35 for Android can be viewed by clicking here.