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Multiple Apple gadgets are on their way to being declared obsolete in 2015 Reuters

Technology giant Apple has issued a list of gadgets that will soon be declared obsolete in multiple countries of the world. This means users cannot get these devices repaired through official/authorised Apple channels in their respective geographical regions.

These official centres also include Apple retail outlets and subsidiaries. According to 9to5Mac, that quotes an internal Apple memo, users of the Apple devices mentioned below have time only until 8 December to obtain hardware repairs or support through Apple authorised centres. The latest classification (as obsolete) is applicable to the EU, US, Japan, Asia Pacific region, China and some other countries.

List of soon-to-be-declared obsolete Apple devices

Apple Macbook and iMac computers:

  • ·13in MacBook (released in 2008)
  • ·15in MacBook Pro (released in 2008)
  • ·21.5in iMac (released during the second-half of 2009)
  • ·27in iMac (released during the second-half of 2009)
  • ·Mac Pro (released during early 2009) – Declared as vintage in Turkey and US
  • ·MacBook Air (released during mid 2009) – Declared as vintage in Turkey and US

Other Apple devices

  • ·First-gen Time Capsule supporting offering wireless LAN connectivity
  • ·Apple's 23in Cinema Display released in 2007
  • ·First-gen iPod Touch

Beats devices

  • ·iBeats
  • ·Beatbox
  • ·First-gen Beatbox Portable
  • ·First-gen Heartbeats
  • ·Diddybeats
  • ·First-gen Beats Wireless

However, Apple will continue to offer authorised support selectively for gadgets classified as vintage. Vintage status is applicable to some Apple products in California in the US and Turkey only; devices in other regions are classified as obsolete, thereby making them ineligible for official repairs.