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Apple iOS 9: Third-party applications offering Quick Reply feature Reuters

After popular messaging service WhatsApp was found to support Quick Reply feature for Apple's newest iOS 9.1 operating system, users of the comparatively older iOS 9 and subsequent iterations are forced to depend on third-party apps to reply without having to launch the specific app by navigating out of the current application. Third-party apps introducing Quick Reply functionality should save significant amounts of time for users.

A list of prominent third-party applications that introduce Quick Reply-like functionality for older iOS handsets has surfaced. Check out the applications below:

  • Facebook Messenger: It is a known fact that Facebook Messenger enables users to reply to messages without having to launch a new app every time. Facebook Messenger is available for download for iOS 9 users here.
  • Telegram Messenger: Telegram Messenger syncs across devices and works irrespective of these. For security, Telegram offers Secret Chats messaging service. Messages composed using this feature can self-destruct automatically from both sender and receiver devices.
  • Blackberry Messenger: BBM works without the iOS user having to open the application separately. This Messenger allows users to post a profile picture using images, pictures and animated pictures.
  • Tweetbot 4: Tweetbot 4 syncs users' timeline across iPhone, iPad, and a Mac computer. The third-party app is available for download via the iTunes Store.

[Source: Redmond Pie].

WhatsApp offering support for Quick Reply in iOS 9.1

Quick Reply is currently active within WhatsApp, as per iDownload blog. Users should be able to respond to newer incoming messages, without leaving the current application that they are in. However, this enhancement is said to be applicable only to users running iOS 9.1 within their iPhones. WhatsApp can be downloaded from here.