• Mumbai Indians win the toss and elect to bat first
  • Mumbai Indians 121/8 in 20 overs
  • Rising Pune Supergiants 126/1 in 14.4 overs
  • Rising Pune Supergiants win by 9 wickets
Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma will lead Mumbai Indians in the IPL 2016 Getty

Thanks for joining us for the live coverage of the first IPL 2016 match between Mumbai Indians vs Rising Pune Supergiants. Hope you enjoyed our coverage of the match.

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Rising Pune Supergiants captain MS Dhoni


Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma

The pitch looked okay, we didn't bat well. One twenty six wasn't enough. Lot to learn from this game, hopefully we go back and think about it. We didn't think the ball was going to do that much. I thought they swung the ball early on and out shot selection wasn't that great it cost us the game.

We go to Calcutta from here, we've had some good memories there, we won two titles there. Just the start of the tournament, not to panic


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Over 14.4: Rising Pune Supergiants 126 for 1: Ajinkya Rahane 60 (42), Kevin Pietersen 21 (14)

Pandya is the new bowler introduced into the attack. Rahane starts with a dot ball. SIX...!!! Rahane smashes it over mid on and gets a maximum. SIX...!!! Upper cut and it clears the boundary and that brings an end to the match.


Over 14: Rising Pune Supergiants 114 for 1: Ajinkya Rahane 54 (38), Kevin Pietersen 21 (14)

Harbhajan to bowl his third over. SIX...!!! KP moves back and then pulls it between long on and cow corner for a six. It is followed by two singles. It is followed by one more single from KP. Rahane ends the over with a single.


Over 13: Rising Pune Supergiants 104 for 1: Ajinkya Rahane 52 (35), Kevin Pietersen 13 (11)

Gopal continues his third over. FOUR...!!! Rahane pulls it over cow corner boundary and that brings his 50. A dot ball is followed by a single. Pietersen cuts it past the point and looks for a double. A direct hit would have been out, but it's Buttler's gloves which hits the stumps and not the ball, He is safe. Gopal drops an easy catch of Rahane and that ends the over.


Over 12: Rising Pune Supergiants 96 for 1: Ajinkya Rahane 47 (31), Kevin Pietersen 11 (9)

Rahane gets a couple of the first ball as Harbhajan continues his second over. It is followed by a single. Pietersen flicks it past the keeper and gets a double. SIX...!!! He ends the over by smashing over long on.


Over 11: Rising Pune Supergiants 85 for 1: Ajinkya Rahane 44 (29), Kevin Pietersen 3 (5)

Gopal to continue his second over. Three singles of the over so far. Rahane then places it through cover and get an easy double. A single to end the over.


Over 10: Rising Pune Supergiants 79 for 1: Ajinkya Rahane 40 (26), Kevin Pietersen 1 (2)

Harbhajan Singh introduced into the attack. Du Plessis starts the over with a single. WICKET...!!! Du Plessis looks to sweep and ends up giving away his wickets. Kevin Pietersen ends the over with a single of the second ball he faces.


WICKET...!!! Faf du Plessis 34 (33) b Harbhajan


Over 9: Rising Pune Supergiants 76 for 0: Ajinkya Rahane 39 (25), Faf du Plessis 33 (30)

Vinay Kumar continues his second over and starts with a wide. Du Plessis then takes a double, followed by a single. Rahane then hits it high in the air towards cover and the ball lands safely, gets a double. FOUR...!!! Rahane places it down the ground to get a boundary of the last over.


Over 8: Rising Pune Supergiants 66 for 0: Ajinkya Rahane 33 (22), Faf du Plessis 30 (26)

Gopal is introduced into the attack. Du Plessis starts the over with a single, followed by two more singles. A dot ball from Rahane followed by one more single. Du Plessis ends the over with a single.


Over 7: Rising Pune Supergiants 61 for 0: Ajinkya Rahane 31 (20), Faf du Plessis 27 (22)

Vinay Kumar has been introduced into the attack. Rahane starts with a dot ball, followed by a single. Two dot balls is followed by a wide down the off stump. One more wide and a single to end the over.


Over 6: Rising Pune Supergiants 57 for 0: Ajinkya Rahane 30 (18), Faf du Plessis 26 (19)

Bumrah to continue his third. Rahane starts the over with a dot ball. FOUR...!!! Rahane pulls it over midwicket and gets a boundary. He then flicks it to square leg and wanted a double. Du Plessis was not interested, but both batsmen were at the strikers end. A misfield allows Du Plessis to return without giving away his wicket. A single to third man of the no ball.

FREE HIT...!!! Du Plessis is on strike. SIX...!!! He smashes it over cover and gets a maximum. That also brings the Supergiants' 50. SIX...!!! Top edge and goes behind the keeper for another six to end the over.


Over 5: Rising Pune Supergiants 37 for 0: Ajinkya Rahane 23 (14), Faf du Plessis 14 (17)

McClenaghan to continue his third over. Du Plessis starts the over with a single. SIX...!!! Rahane pulls it over fine leg for the first six of the innings. It is followed by a single. SIX...!!! Du Plessis joins the party and this time walks down the ground smashes it over long on. McClenaghan ends the over with a dot ball.


Over 4: Rising Pune Supergiants 23 for 0: Ajinkya Rahane 16 (11), Faf du Plessis 7 (13)

Bumrah to continue his second over. Three dot balls is followed by a single. FOUR...!!! Rahane times the ball very well and beats the fielder at cover and gets a boundary. A dot ball to end the over.


Over 3: Rising Pune Supergiants 18 for 0: Ajinkya Rahane 12 (9), Faf du Plessis 6 (9)

McClenaghan to continue his second over and Du Plessis is on strike. Starts with two dot balls. He then pulls it to square leg for a single. FOUR...!!! Beautifully struck down the ground and it was in the air for a while. A dot ball is followed by one more dot ball to end the over.


Over 2: Rising Pune Supergiants 13 for 0: Ajinkya Rahane 8 (6), Faf du Plessis 5 (6)

Bumrah to start his first over and du Plessis is on strike. Starts with a dot ball. FOUR...!!! Inside edge and he misses the stumps as the ball races to the boundary. It is followed by two more dot balls. One more dot ball followed by a quick single to end the over.


Over 1: Rising Pune Supergiants 8 for 0: Ajinkya Rahane 8 (6), Faf du Plessis 0 (0)

Ajinkya Rahane starts off the chase with a FOUR as McClenaghan offers a nice full toss to him. McClenaghan alters his length to follow with two dot balls. McClenaghan again bowls a back of a length delivery which catches Rahane by surprise, a leading edge just falls short of the point fielder. Another dot ball as McClenaghan seems to have found his length on the pitch. Spongy bounce. Rahane finishes the over with a FOUR as a streaky outside edge flies to the third-man boundary.


Rising Pune Supergiants need 122 runs to win in 20 overs


Over 20: Mumbai Indians 121 for 8: Harbhajan Singh 45 (30), Mitchell McClenaghan 2 (2)

Ishant Sharma to bowl the last over. McClenaghan gives the strike to Harbhanjan. FOUR...!!! He smashes past the bowler towards long off for a boundary. Two singles followed by a SIX...!!! Harbhajan goes targets his favourite area and this time gets the maximum. FOUR...!!! He ends the innings with a boundary towards deep cover. That helps Mumbai Indians to post a target they can defend.


Over 19: Mumbai Indians 104 for 8: Harbhajan Singh 30 (26), Mitchell McClenaghan 0 (0)

RP Singh brought back into the attack. Starts with a wide. FOUR...!!! Harbhajan smashes it through cover for a boundary, followed by a single. WICKET...!!! Vinay Kumar pulls over midwicket and Steven Smith makes no mistake to take an easy catch.

Mitchell McClenaghan is the new man in the middle and will starts from the non strikers end. FOUR...!!! Harbhajan smashes it straight down the ground and the ball just falls close to the rope. FOUR...!!! He then flicks it over short fine leg to end the over with one more boundary.