Apple, in its iOS 6.1 software manual, tells its users about unexpected sounds by the iPhone even if it is on full mute mode.

"Important: Clock alarms, audio apps such as music, and many games still play sounds through the built-in speaker when iPhone is in silent mode. In some areas, the sound effects for camera and voice memos are played even if the ring/silent switch is set to silent." states the Apples User Guide for iOS 6.1 software.

Ron Adair, of Salt Lake City, has reportedly created a device recently, which "completely" mutes the Apple iPhone. The device is better known as a Mutator.

Mutator. Co
Mutator for Apple (Courtesy: Mutator.Co) 

Mutator is a small pyramid device made exclusively for Apple iPhone users. The device has a headphone-like plug which fits in the device where the headset jack is plugged.

The low-profile accessory keeps features like Siri, videos, music, mail alerts, text alerts, camera shutter and other applications (including the lock shutter) silent. The device does not interfere with manually set alarms.

The device can be removed only when one needs to plug in one's ear phones. If one wants to see a video or hear an audio clip, the device can simply be turned 90 degrees to unlock the mute mode. This makes the iPhone go on normal ringing profile like before. The device can be removed or deactivated while watching a video or hearing an audio clip.

As per reports, the Mutator is compatible with iPads, iPod Touch and iPhones and is currently under production in Salt Lake City.