A mystery sea monster has washed ashore following violent storms in New Zealand.

The nine-metre long (30ft) marine animal is described as having a "huge head and teeth", and "rudimentary flippers".

The unidentified creature was filmed by YouTube user Elizabeth Ann, who said that it was difficult to tell exactly how big it was as its lower body was "probably mainly entrails from an attack".

She told how the monster was washed up already dead on the Pukehina Beach in the Bay of Plenty on the North Island and asked for help identifying it.

Answers ranged from dinosaur, mosasaur, 'Tremor's cousin', baby Godzilla, sea goat, giraffe and Chuck Norris' goldfish.

However, other users suggested the animal was less exotic, saying it could be a shark, dolphin or the most popular choice - a whale.

Marine expert Anton van Helden was sent the footage by someone at Auckland University and he said the carcass was that of a killer whale.

He told the Bay of Plenty Times: "The video pans over the flipper and it is a flat paddle shape which is diagnostic of the killer whale.


"It is very typical for whales of different shapes and sizes to wash up on beaches around New Zealand."

Van Helden said that the animal appeared to have been dead out at sea for a long time before it was washed up and said whoever found the carcass should have reported it to the Department of Conservation.

"They are the Crown authority in these cases and they will determine if the carcass needs to go to scientists or tangata whenua [Maori]."

Some, however, remain unconvinced about what the sea monster is. YouTube user Alexander Vasiliou said: "How can you all jump into such lame conclusions that easily? Are you trying to escape reality? Of course that is not an orca. 'Decomposed orca?' Really? Are you all blind? That's the lamest way to describe this creature.

"'According to a marine mammal expert, it was most likely simply a killer whale, or orca'. So they just assume? Wow."

Vuk Obilic added: "OK but what in the God's name could attack and bite at half a nine meter long orca? This looks more like a plesiosaurus. [In] the end humans have explored only five % of the world sea."

The remains are believed to have been washed back into the sea.