UFO sighting in London Amazing Mystery Vidoes/YouTube

A mysterious white UFO has been spotted flying above London by a YouTube user who claims the object is a spaceship.

The user, Amazing Mystery Videos, uploaded the video UFO Sighting - London 2014 in March.

It shows a disk-like white object darting across the sky. While most would say the UFO is nothing but a reflection of light, the film becomes more interesting when it shows other people pointing up to the sky.

Describing the video, the user wrote: "Amazing UFO in London caught on tape. Extraterrestrial or no?

"Look [at] this real sighting. A spaceship, real alien on camera, best evidence [of] abduction and extraterrestrial life."

While many viewers agree that the film shows aliens, others are more sceptical. User jay c wrote: "Looks like special effects, seen better."

However, another wrote: "It's real cause so many people around are noticing it!!!! I Believe!!!"