In reaction to the UN move on a resolution against its human rights violation, North Korea threatened on Thursday to strengthen its war capability and conduct a fourth nuclear test.

Pyongyang's Foreign Ministry called the resolution's approval a "grave political provocation" orchestrated by the US, reports AP.

A ministry spokesman said US hostility is "compelling us not to refrain from conducting a new nuclear test any longer."

The UN committee on Tuesday had adopted a resolution urging the Security Council to refer the North's rights situation to the International Criminal Court. With Russia and China voting against the resolution, analysts suspect they will block attempts to refer the resolution to ICC in Hague.

Russia's President Vladimir Putin had met with a senior Pyongyang official and called for stronger ties with North Korea to boost regional security.

North Korea which has resorted to such rhetoric in the past is not expected to follow through on its threats as it would work against its attempts to revive its economy.

Sanctions have been slapped against North Korea when it conducted atomic bomb tests in 2006, 2009 and 2013.