A distressed naked man on the Houston metro armed with a pesticide spray he'd taken from staff was arrested after being tasered when he swung at police.

Officers arrived at the scene in the Texas city on 6 June after receiving reports of a nude man who allegedly punched someone offering him a towel before demanding their watch, according to a report in the Houston Chronicle.

When police approached Keith L Dean, 49, he sprayed them with pesticide. After ignoring requests to put the can down, he slapped an officer before being tasered and falling to the floor, where he was cuffed as officers tried to calm him down.

Dean is currently in custody on charges of assaulting public servants. A video of the incident surfaced online having been posted to YouTube by the user benxmoken. "No fatalities. This is how cops should handle a situation like this," he wrote.

Markay Stroud, Dean's attorney, praised the police for how they handled the situation with his client, alluding to underlying mental health issues being the cause.

"By watching the video it is clear that there is much more going on than a man intentionally committing a crime," Stroud told the Chronicle.

"From the actions and demeanor of Mr Dean to the professionalism shown by the officers who arrested him it is obvious Mr Dean is not acting rationally. I hope that once all the evidence is reviewed by the state they will realise that Mr Dean was not acting with malicious intent toward anyone."

naked Houston man
Screengrab of the video showing the naked man on the Houston metro