Nancy McKinstry CEO at Wolters Kluwer speaks to IBTimes UK exclusively on camera
Nancy McKinstry CEO at Wolters Kluwer speaks to IBTimes UK exclusively on camera

Wolters Kluwer, one of world's largest publishing and software companies, is eyeing up a raft of 'bolt-on' acquisitions across Europe and Asia as it aims to expand its presence in 'successful parts of the business'.

Speaking exclusively to IBTimes UK on camera, the group's chief executive and chairman Nancy McKinstry said that Wolters Kluwer, which sells specialist publications and software to bankers, lawyers, accountants, doctors and scientists, aims to expand in areas where businesses are excelling - by snapping up other companies.

"We're still taking a cautious approach in Europe but we're more focused in putting more capital into the growing and successful parts of the business," said McKinstry.

"We have been altering our portfolio over the last decade by selling off €800m worth of assets as well as, conversely, acquiring a little over €800m in assets too and this has been primarily to drive the transformation of the company.

"Now, our focus around acquisitions is primarily around bolt-ons. We don't consider [purchasing] other companies that would be viewed as transformational but more for expanding in areas where we have success."

McKinstry added that Europe and Asia, China in particular, have some interesting opportunities.

So far this year, Wolters Kluwer spent €170m on US and Brazil based acquisitions while raising about €75m from divestments.

McKinstry made history when she became the first American and first woman to run 175-year-old Dutch publisher Wolters Kluwer in 2003.

As well as being named as one of the most powerful women in the world by Forbes, she is also only one of two female CEOs, at a major corporation, in the Netherlands.

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