Mars Rover
Nasa's Curiosity Mars rover shows the vehicle at the 'Mojave' site on Mars NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS via Getty Images

Nasa has uploaded hundreds of videos to one of its YouTube channels. While these videos were all previously available, they were buried deep within their site and were hard to find. They are all now being moved to a more accessible and easy to find location on their Armstrong Flight Research Center official page.

Nasa videos are fascinating to watch and this video dump has a few of their historic moments captured on tape and make for an interesting few hours.

"Nasa has so much digital content that tends to be overlooked by the public, given the difficulty that exists in actually locating the content," said Rebecca Richardson, social media manager for Nasa Armstrong, in an interview with Vice. "Our hope is that by moving the content to more accessible platforms, Nasa fans and media personnel will be able to access the content more regularly and become more fully immersed in what is happening at Nasa."

The videos offer an inside look of Nasa and show a side to the research centre that is not often seen. There is footage of several behind the scenes like this one Where the LLRV (Lunar Landing Research Vehicle) was first tested in the Mojave Desert in the 1960s:

This video shows the X-43A Hypersonic Scramjet reaching speeds of Mach7 (8643 kph):

Before it was sent to Mars, the Curiosity Rover was first tested extensively in lake beds, deserts, and other like terrain. There are a number of videos that show this testing process.

The videos are short and so several videos can be watched in one sitting. They can be found marked 'Historic' in the channel playlist. The videos are also available on the Nasa website.