milky way
Artist impression of the Milky Way Mark Garlick/Space Art/Nasa

Scientists are meeting to discuss the search for alien life in our solar system and beyond.

Researchers will talk about evidence of life and habitability on Mars, the forthcoming search for extraterrestrial life on Europa and Enceladus, and current work in looking at potentially habitable exoplanets.

The talk is part of the 2015 Astrobiology Science Conference in Chicago and the event will be broadcast live online through Nasa TV. The broadcast will begin at 2pm ET (7pm GMT).

Participants include John Grunsfeld, associate administrator for Science at Nasa, astronomy professor Vikki Meadows, Britney Schmidt, assistant professor in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology, and Alexis Templeton, principal investigator for the NASA Astrobiology Institute Rock-Powered Life team.

The researchers will talk about recent research activities and the technology being used to advance the search for habitable worlds and alien life.

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