Britain's Princess Beatrice joined around 5,000 participants at the new Olympics Stadium, east London, on 31 March, 2012 for the National Lottery Olympic Park Run and became one of the first to cross the finish line at the race.

The five-mile race was officially started by Princess Beatrice where she later participated with thousands of people selected randomly from a ballot of around 43,000 last year. Princess Beatrice, who was the first royal family member to compete in the 2010 London Marathon, also presented medals to the fastest finishers.

Dressed in the official National Lottery Olympic Park Run red T-shirt like the rest of the participants, the young royal herself finished the race in a respectable 45 minutes 45 seconds time.

"I am thrilled to be able to play my part in such an historic occasion and it is fantastic to see the incredible transformation that the Olympic Park has undergone. I, like so many others running on the day, know that the experience of being one of the first to cross the Olympic finish line is an extraordinary moment in what promises to be a memorable year for the nation," the Daily Mail quoted Princess Beatrice as saying.

Reaching the finish line first at the event was 24-year-old Stuart Bloor who beat his rivals by several minutes, to clock in a time of 23 minutes and four seconds. A Spina Bifida patient, Bloor competed in the race in his wheelchair.

Besides this, the first runner-up at the event was 26-year-old Tommy Davies who won the race in 25 minutes 11 seconds.

Catch a glimpse of the 2012 National Lottery Olympic Park Run: