Sea Shadow
The Sea Shadow was built in 1985 at a cost of £115m. Asking price at the auction is £60,000. Federation of American Scienti

The world's first stealth boat and the inspiration for a James Bond film is to be sold for scrap in an online auction.

The Sea Shadow was built in 1985 and cost the US Navy £115m. The auction reserve price is £60,000.

The 499-tonne vessel was the inspiration for the boat used by villain Elliott Carver (played by Jonathan Pryce) in 1997's Tomorrow Never Dies.espite construction finishing in 1985, the Sea Shadow didn't come to the public's attention until 1993, when it was used purely for testing.

Measuring 164ft by 70ft, the boat is able to reach a maximum of 14 knots. It is based on the streamlined Swath Waterplane Area Twin Hull [SWATH] design to give it greater speed.

To make the sale more attractive the US Navy is also including a former mining vessel, which weighs 4,585 tons.

The Navy had planned to house the Sea Shadow in a museum in California but could not find anywhere suitable so it offered the vessel to GS Auctions, an online auction-house for military products, to sell as scrap metal.

The auction officially ends on 4 May.