Friends of a 35-year-old man living in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, central Thailand became worried when he stopped showing up for evening football matches. Supakhet Saraboon's body was discovered on Monday, days after his death. Saraboon was found with headphones in his ears, which were connected to a charging phone. Police are awaiting post mortem reports before making an official announcement, but it is suspected that Saraboon had been accidentally electrocuted.

Saraboon, who lives alone, stopped being responsive over texts or calls after he returned from football practice. The football lover regularly joined his friends to play football in the evening with a local football club. Those who played with him noticed that he was missing from the practice sessions. They also were unable to contact him on his phone.

His neighbour, Surawut Sukpanya, made the grim discovery when he went to check on Saraboon after his phone calls and messages went unanswered. Sukpanya was worried as they had not heard from Saraboon for three days. Saraboon's worried ex-girlfriend also asked Sukpanya to check on the missing man.

Sukpanya and another neighbour broke into Saraboon's home after no one responded at the door. Sukpanya contacted emergency services when they found his body. Rescue workers reached the home and pronounced Saraboon dead. The man had been dead for days and there was nothing that the rescue workers could do.

Police checked the home of the dead man before his body was sent for a post mortem examination. It was noted that Saraboon had his headphones in his ears, and they were connected to the charging phone. The phone was being charged using an extension cable which was connected to the mains.

In Thailand, there have been previous reports of victims electrocuted by charging phones. A 40-year-old man was found with burns on his arms and neck, The Sun reported. He had been electrocuted by the phone which he was using while charging.

Even though the post mortem reports are being awaited, the police have announced that the death is not being treated as suspicious. The death is being seen as an accidental death caused by electrocution.

Charging phone
Thai man died after being electrocuted by charging phone.