As the devastating impact of the massive earthquake in Nepal continues, the Red Cross have released a list of 155 people who are currently reported missing people from Australia and 20 from New Zealand.

Nepal's Prime Minister Sushil Koirala has announced the death toll could reach pass 10,000 while the UN said eight milllion could be directly affected by the worst earthquake to hit the Himalayas in almost a century - killing people in four countries.

A RAF plane flew out today (28 April), carrying tonnes of aid and army troops including Gurka soldiers to aid in the huge search and rescue effort in the Kathmandu valley as British and Irish nationals still remain unaccounted for. Thirty out of 90 believed missing have now been traced.

Australian Nationals Believed to be Missing

NameAgePlace of Birth
Adam Faichney35Cairns
Adam Jay Murphy27Brisbane
Alexandra Whitehead29Brisbane
Ali Theresa Thorpe25Tamworth nsw
Angus McDougal Caithness36Perth, Australia
Anne Larsen57Australia
Anthony D’Aloisio29Melbourne
Athena Zelandonii25Wagga
Ballantyne Paige Forder20Perth, Australia
Ben Bardas36Melbourne
Benjamin Phillip Flanders25Brisbane
Benjamin William Flanders25Brisbane
Blake Michael Penson34Perth, Australia
Brenton Norman26Nathalia Vic 3638
Brook Andrew Kennedy27Melbourne
Bruce Donald Goldsack59Pakenham
Bryce Lambert25Sydney
Carey Molloy56Kogarah
Carlo Mandela Ariotti21Alice Springs
Caroline Jane Girvin44NSW
Caroline Anne Pinney52Australia
Charles Leslie Dale64Albury, NSW
Chase James Tucker30Launceston, Tasmania
Cheryl Edwards55Sydney
Cheryl Sage55sydney
Christopher Cripps60Hobart
Christopher John Berry46Sydney Australia
Christopher Patrick Sharp47Sydney
Claire Vanderplank33Perth, Australia
Daniel Brien27Sydney
Daniel peter hutchinson28Frankston
Darcy David Mahady18Melbourne
David James Skennerton20Greenacre, Sydney, Australia
Donald Charles Jackson53Liverpool, NSW, Australia
Donald mcphail27Brisbane
Donald Milton Cole60Melbourne
Donna Kent37Australia
Donna Lawrie50Australia
Douglas Colquhoun25Adelaide, Australia
Duncan C Steel53Brisbane
Elizabeth Jane McLeod60Melbourne
Emma Kate whiting35Prahran
Erin Ashlee Carroll29Bairnsdale
Eugene Duffy47Melbourne
Geoffrey Neil Fisher63Adelaide, Australia
Gillian Vera Thomas61NSW, Australia
glen fitzpatrick59australia
Glenda Bernice Rumble59Melbourne
Grace Graham18Colac
Gregory kent63Australia
Hamish McKee21Australia
Henk Reece Morgans32Brisbane
Jacob Riordan22Australia
Jai Roland Williams24Brisbane
Jalada Wilson18Perth, Australia
James Daniels44Australia
James Martin Brinson27Sydney
James Meadows19mornington
James Scott49Brisbane
Jamie Alexander Lashmar32Victoria, Australia
JAMIE THOMAS NIKOU23Adelaide, Australia
Jarrod Norman24Nathalia
Jasmine Faith Riley19Australia
Jason Russell28Wrexham
Jed Nevill18Daylesford, Victoria
Jennifer annette comber39Sydney
Jennifer Comber40Australia
Jenny davson-galle29Tasmania
Jessica Farley46Australia
Jessica Payne22Victoria
Jessica Piper27Australia
John Joseph Sullivan54Sydney
john spencer53Australia
John Tobin62Sydney
Jordana Headberry29Melbourne
Joshua Garth Molloy20Hurstville NSW
Julie Anne Stuart43Sydney
Julien Vincent Tempone-Wiltshire24Launceston, Tasmania
Justin Thomas Pomella27Australia
justine michelle45milton
Katrina Fay Nolan24Melbourne
Keely Brien (nee Edwards)27Australia Katoomba
Kent Highgate56Australia
Laurence Kenneth Stanyer68Daylesford
Lisa Anne Mirtsopoulos45Australia
Lynnie Lambell60Australia
Liam Judd Buxton25Newcastle, NSW, Australia
Marilyn fay Ellem54boona qld Australia
Mark Mc Donald48Melbourne
Mark Perkovic29Australia
Matthew Graves24Australia
Max Goodwin19Australia
Max Harach32Sydney
Meghan Nicole Gedling33Melbourne
Melissa Pearson43Australia
Michael Thomas Sullivan57Sydney
Michael Wayne Field42Brisbane
Mitchell James Noga21Perth, Australia
Nadwa Natalie Alasfar26Brisbane
Nathan Rostron Sharp31Australia
Neve dillen comber6Melbourne
Nicholas Andrew McLennan26Scone, Australia
Nicole Rice40Australia
Nicole Smolich29Melbourne
Nina Lily Van Vuuren23Toowoomba Queensland
Noel Border54Coonabarabran
Oliver20Nsw Australia
Oliver Kohlenberg20Australia
Patricia Margaret Grant59Charleville Queensland Australia
Pauline Mary Stanyer67Kyneton, Victoria, Australia
Peter Alan Clark55Wollongong NSW
Peter Bolitho25Brisbane
Peter James Cossar26Newcastle, Australia
Peter James Hill56Bowral
Rani ravenc comber7Melbourne
Rebecca Elise Georgiades20Australia
Reuben Brimfield39Launceston
Rhiannon Amy Stewart26Australia
Richard Jaroszczuk22Australia
Rin Hutcheson18Fremantle
Rochelle Lawrie21Australia
Roger Wyett53Tasmania
Ronald Michael David Levy55Taree, New South Wales, Australia
Ross Cameron Smith22Dumfries
Samantha McGree25Sydney
Scott Daniel Stuart35Redcliffe
Shamvab Thapa3Wodonga
Shannon Lesley Ford /Stead50NSW Australia
Shelly Ann voigt54Australia
Som bahadur pyakurel50Gerkhu
Stephanie Jayne Hart24Sydney
Stephen Joseph Delahunty47Brisbane
Stephen Michael NEARY48Brisbane
Su Valerie Browning62Lambeth
Taisha-Dayne Reed23Melbourne, Australia
Toni Louise perry37australia
Torsten Michael d\'Scarlett18Subiaco Western Australia
Tyronne wade white45Wollongong NSW
Tyronne White44australia
Tyronne white44taree, nsw, Australia
Victoria Cherbena49Melbourne
Wendy H62Australia
Whitney Hannah O\'Brien24Melbourne
Winston Yin Tai Tse40Sydney
Zachary Brennan26Melbourne
zachary sheridan20Adelaide, Australia
Zhara Riqael Bathe22Cairns

Koirala has pleaded with the international community to come forward and contribute to the aid effort to deal with the disaster.

He told Reuters: "The government is doing all it can for rescue and relief on a war footing. It is a challenge and a very difficult hour for Nepal."

Aid workers who had reached the edges of the epicentre of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake, which struck on Saturday in east Polkhara only 40 miles from the city of Kathmandu, described entire villages reduced to rubble. The earthquake killed people in India, Bangladesh, China and Pakistan.

"In some villages, about 90% of the houses have collapsed. They're just flattened," Rebecca McAteer, an American physician who rushed to the quake zone from the distant Nepal hospital where she works, told AP.

New Zealand Nationals believed to be Missing

New Zealand  
NameAgePlace of Birth
Alicia Rae Scroggins21Christchurch
Bevin Watt70New Zealand
Bradley James Robson33Taupo, New Zealand
Brendan Mark Reeves30Dunedin
Charmaine Wilson56Wellington
Craig Robert castle29Stratford Taranaki New Zealand
Francis nigel comber37Greymouth
Joshua Dane Kenyon34Wellington
Laray Barbara Bone53Christchurch
Matthew Susser36Long Island, NY
Michael John Naylor35Auckland
Pamela Frances Chiles57Otorohanga, New Zealand
Peter Donald McLeod62Taupo
Peter Mawson64palmerston north
Philip Power38New Zealand
Richard Mark Curtis27Tauranga New Zealand
Rowan Barrie25New Zealand
Rowan Emil Barrie25Christchurch
Seth Colin-Bear Strimas-Mackey24Toronto, Ontario, Canada
William Seymour-Jones25Wellington, New Zealand