As the devastating impact of the massive earthquake in Nepal continues, the Red Cross have released a list of 123 people missing from the United States and 43 from Canada.

Nepal's Prime Minister Sushil Koirala has announced the death toll could pass 10,000 while the UN said eight milllion could be directly affected by the worst earthquake to hit the Himalayas in almost a century, killing people in four countries.

A RAF plane flew out today (28 April), carrying tonnes of aid and army troops including Gurka soldiers to aid in the huge search and rescue effort in the Kathmandu valley, as British and Irish nationals still remain unaccounted for. Thirty out of 90 UK nationals believed missing have now been traced.

US Nationals Believed to be Missing

NameAgePlace of Birth
A. Michelle Page50Unkown
Alexis Nicole Kanter26Sarasota, Florida
Allen Tierney Gula27Abington, Pennsylvania, USA
Aram Schwartz26Santa cruz
Bailey Sage Meola19Seattle
Benjamin34Santa Clara
Benjamin Schneider26Philadelphia
Beverly Brooks Brown62Biloxi Mississippi
Brandon Bell32Akron, Ohio
Brian Davis38Wilmington, Ohio
Brigida Martinez40Dallas, Texas
Carol Marie Laekin51-52San Francisco
Caroline Marie Holland28Pittsfield, Massachusetts
charity eyre wright28USA
CHEUNG Yan Shi28Chicago, USA
Chris Huu Luat Tran40USA
Christine Bedenis27Michigan, USA
Christopher Luat Huu Tran40New York
Christopher Norwood21California
Christopher Peter Thibeault31Edmond, OK, USA
Clifton Michael Brock60Anderson, South Carolina, USA
Corey Ascolani34Chicago, IL, USA
Daniel Peter Considine26Iowa City, iowa
Daniel Adams65USA
Daniel Krompholz29California, United States
Daniel Thomas Hughes36Wrexham
Darren Russell26Wrexham
David Colyer Hales30Las Vegas, NV USA
David Huizenga49Grand Rapids, MI
David Rhein28St Louis, MO
Dawn Habash57Gardiner, Maine
Dawn Marie lightfoot30La JOLLA California
Denise Marie Jenn34peoria, IL USA
Donna Grace Tolley29Manchester, MO
Donnagrace Tolley29Manchester, MO
Doreen Richmond Lane56Long Island, New York
Dr. David Walter Stryker65Michigan, USA
Dr. Lee Ann Reynis66Massachusetts
Dr. Lynn Conrad70Memphis TN
Elisa Travalio32Columbus Ohio
Frederick Cagan67Rochester, N.Y.
Frederick English85Massachusetts
Gloria Joan Tarlow58El Paso, Texas
Greg Davenport50Illinois
Gregory Travalio68Pennsylvania
Gretchen McGarry40USA
Helena Huizenga21Boston, MA
Holly Jepsen Maloy64USA
Holly Wilson40USA
Ian Figueroa32USA
Ina Sonne22Syracuse, NY
jake whyles24Boston, MA
James Lane56New Jersey
James Timothy Watt48Casper, Wy
James watt50Gillette Wyoming
Janice Campebll-Paul64California
Jasmine Junghyun Kwon27New Jersey
Jeff Newman61Ohio
Jennifer cushman60stamford ct
Jeremiah Michael Sutton27Seattle WA
Jesse Neugarten23San Diego
Joan Abi Ashcraft28Arizona, USA
Joanna Claire81Illinois or Massachusetts
Joanne Long67New Jersey
Johnathan Edward Leach52Texas
Jonathan Barmak51New York
Jordan Andrew Fink37Chappaqua, New York, USA
Joseph Richey33USA
Joshua Thomas Edwards19Fairfield, CA
Joy Featherstone37Washington State
Kai Willow Osmar41Bellingham Washington USA
Kathleen Carr Nolan65Wilmington, Delaware
Kathryn Lane29Houston, TX
Katie Dupuis32Illinois
Kevin Cason38Dallas, Texas
Kevin Matthew Krogh32 Corvallis
Kim Maree Atkins53Portland
Leah Shoemaker25Downey, USA
Maggie Carroll30California
Mark Herriott54USA
Mark Ian Courtney37Canada
Martin Emanuel71Norfolk, Virginia, USA
Mary Nistler67United States - Iowa
Matthew Jon Susser36Syosset, New York
Menachem Losh38United States
Michael Joseph Reardon51St. Louis, MO
Michael MacDonald37Boston
monet emert tyler28eugene oregon
Noel Paulson33Oregon
O\'Kane, Emmanuel32New York
Olivia Lewis23california
Owen Cousino19Ann Arbor, MI
Phillip Eskander26Chicago, MI, United States
Rachel Hadfield28fort Collins
Rebecca Lee Weintraub25New York
Renee Noffke35wisconsin
Robert Charles Reedy Jr52Clinton Maryland
Robert Courtney65Hackensack, NJ
Robert Reedy52Maryland
Robert Vance watt54Gillette Wyoming
Samuel John Russo31Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Sandra Opp Desorgher57Illinois
Sarah Travalio34Columbus Ohio
Shane Andrew basse32Portland
Shawn Herron35Philadelphia, PA
Shawn Pittman29United States
Stephen Kennedy35San Diego
Stephen Kennedy33California
Sydney Jo Schumacher19Seattle, Washington, USA
Tara Bradshaw24winchester
Tara Breed42Foxboro, Mass
TheaAngelica Rochester15Glen Cove, NY
thomas peter spiros38Park ridge, IL
Timon Stasko29Westchester, NY
Tony Bryan Suckla47Texas
Tucker Hawkins23Rochester, NY
Tyler Benjamin Beal34United States
Vanessa Reed34Point Pleasant, NJ
William Davis36Cleveland, OH
William J. Cael57Spokane, WA
Zen noelle Van Songen27Santa barbara Ca

Koirala has pleaded with the international community to come forward and contribute to the aid effort to deal with the disaster.

He told Reuters: "The government is doing all it can for rescue and relief on a war footing. It is a challenge and a very difficult hour for Nepal."

Aid workers who had reached the edges of the epicentre of the 7.6 magnitude earthquake, which struck on Saturday in east Polkhara only 40 miles from the city of Kathmandu, described entire villages reduced to rubble. The earthquake killed people in India, Bangladesh, China and Pakistan.

"In some villages, about 90% of the houses have collapsed. They're just flattened," Rebecca McAteer, an American physician who rushed to the quake zone from the distant Nepal hospital where she works, told AP.

Canadian Nationals Believed to be Missing

NameAgePlace of Birth
Barbara Lea69Toronto Ontario
bertrand berry29Canada
Brian Cherry19Comox
Bruce Macmillan62 Edmonton, Albert
Cameron & Jacqueline Dobranski37Edmonton, Alberta
Caroline Le Jour33Montreal, Quebec
Carolyne Robichaud27Ottawa, ONTARIO
CASEY BLUSTEIN22Toronto Canada
Casey Blustein22Toronto Canada
Cory Michael Coleman26Saskatoon
Courtney Glenda Dean30New Westminister Canada
Daniel Cole39Toronto Canada
Don-Jean Léandri-Breton26Montréal
Doug Schierman65Panoka Alberta
Edgar (Ted) Lea70Toronto Ontario
Elaine Proch Schierman64 Edmonton Alberta Canada
Elizabeth Moleski28Montreal, Canada
Emily Uffelman33Kitchener, Ontario Canada
Eric Hogg26Toronto Canada
Faye Faline Kennedy32Ottawa, Canada
Frederic Giasson20montreal
Jean-Francois Langford33Iles de la Madeleine
Jessica Adach28Canada
Jonathan Black22Winchester Ontario
Julia Vandezande28Calgary Canada
Kaley Doleman23Ontario
Kathryn Macmillan57Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Kelly Van Ommen25Salmom Arm BC
Lindsay Lee Stiles27Canada
Marc-André Laterreur27Marc-André Laterreur
Mark Nuotio40Grand Falls, NL
Maury Robert Mason64Windsor, Ontario
Nina Stechmann20Hannover
Pamela Ann LaBelle64Regina, Sask. Canada
Peter Weyling65Unsure
Richard Vandezande28Whitecourt Alberta
Robyn Wagner45Saskatchewan, Canada
Sam Caldbick28Canada
Sandrine Hamelin19Montréal, Canada
Shirley Blair65Canada
Simon Helmer25Invermere, BC
Steven Walker28Calgary, Canada
Tamara McLeod24Calgary, AB