Feel like you're not getting your fill of Netflix? There's a simple hack that will unlock every single genre category for you to browse. Getty Images

Netflix is loaded with movies, TV shows and documentaries but did you know there's a stash more content hidden away that you can easily unlock if you know how. The simple trick works on the Netflix website and will allow users to discover a whole treasure trove of new content categories.

Netflix is a bit too clever for its own good as it uses an algorithm to show individual users what it thinks they'll like to watch – meaning much of its content remains tucked away. If you like action and drama, for instance, you might not see any film noir or "steamy romantic movies" (this is an actual category) suggestions, and maybe these might just tickle your fancy one evening. Users can search for listings but they will need the exact title name and won't benefit from stumbling across a gem they never knew existed.

Netflix genre ID codes

But there's a way around that thanks to thousands of secret codes released on the internet that list Netflix's entire content categories so you can guide straight to any genre you fancy taking a look at.

To do this, you'll have to access Netflix via its desktop website and click on the browse genre section. Take a look at the last four digits of the URL – this is the genre ID. All you have to do to browse every Netflix genre is replace these four digits with the genre ID of your choice from this complete list. Here you'll find everything from specific types of anime to foreign movies by country and more.

There's an even more extended list from website Ogres Crypt, which lists genre as well as content by actor, year, style and more. If you're a movie buff with really specific taste, this is for you but you'll need to have a Netflix account if you want to see what we're talking about.

As you have to insert the genre ID into the URL this will only work on the website version, not the app on tablets, mobile, games consoles or smart TVs. If watching less TV and doing more exercise was your new year resolution, good luck with that.