CES 2016: Netflix extends its service to cover almost all the nations in the world
Netflix chief executive Reed Hastings delivering his keynote at CES 2016 in Las Vegas Getty Images

Netflix's streaming video service is now available in almost all countries in the world, chief executive Reed Hastings announced at the company's keynote event in CES. China is a notable exception, he said in Las Vegas, citing regulatory hurdles.

Netflix said it had officially switched on its service in 130 more countries. Hastings confirmed that the company was currently in talks with the Chinese government. He said more time would have to be invested before an agreement could be reached.

Commenting on the ongoing negotiations, Hastings said: "In China you need specific permission from the government to operate, so we are continuing to work on that and we are very patient."

The company is barred from operating in some nations by US law. Such countries include North Korea and Syria, as well as the annexed peninsula of Crimea.

Netflix's service globally is mostly in English. However, the company will offer subtitles for its newest international customers. The streaming service already supports 17 languages and is expected to soon add Arabic and Korean, as well as Chinese. Hastings said the company would begin offering HDR (high dynamic range) content sometime in 2016.

Netflix also revealed first looks of some upcoming shows. The Crown, a biopic on Queen Elizabeth II, and The Get Down, a musical drama based on the 1970s disco scene in New York, were two of the shows previewed by the audience in Las Vegas.

The company also announced that in April 2016 that it would include a new film called Special Correspondents, to be directed by Ricky Gervais, to its streaming library.