A new website opposing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been launched by a US women's group called Emily's List. The website features Trump's most controversial comments on women and also comes with its own kaleidoscopic Trump GIF.

The website – womencanstoptrump – was launched as part of the activist group's anti-Trump campaign and aims to educate people about the Republican nominee's "offensive worldview and dangerous policies toward women". The website also features some of Trump's historically controversial moments which involve his more derogatory name-calling using terms like "bimbo", "fat pigs" and more.

"Trump is simply unfit to be president. He's a dangerous, divisive fraud who is well-known for his history of offensive anti-woman comments and behavior. His unstable, toxic rhetoric and policies spell disaster for women and families and he lacks the judgement, stability, and experience to keep America safe," said Emily's List president Stephanie Schriock.

The website also calls for women to "join the fight" against Trump and his presidency. The website states that 53% of voters in the 2012 US elections were women, adding that this indicated a stong likelihood of the possibility of women voters being able to "single-handedly stop Trump".

Despite Trump's widely well-documented disparaging comments on women, in the course of his campaign in the recent past, he has insisted that he "loves women". However, one of Trump's former employees claimed that the GOP nominee "hates fat people", "hid unattractive women" in the office, even while he "leered" at others. Trump has also faced severe criticism after remarking that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was "playing the woman card".

"A vast majority of women have an unfavorable opinion of Trump and for good reason. Women are the majority of the electorate. If we stand together, we will be the ones to stop him," Schirock added.

New anti-Trump website launched is the one-stop shop for all his controversial comments
The website also features some of Trump’s historically controversial moments which involve his more derogatory name-calling using terms like “bimbo”, “fat pigs” and more. Reuters