US presidential candidate Donald Trump has claimed that he 'loves women', despite being accused of sexism and misogyny in his campaign for the White House. The New York business mogul was speaking at a rally in California on 27 May.

He said, "We went to Indiana and won in a massive landslide and we won with the evangelicals and we won with the women. Thank you. You know, you know we're breaking records in the polls with men. They're all screaming women love you. I love women. But, believe me, I love women".

The Republican nominee has been accused of running a sexist campaign in the past after confrontations with Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly. The candidate previously retweeted statements labelling the journalist a "bimbo" after a Republican debate early on in the campaign.

Trump also attacked Democrat front runner Hillary Clinton in his speech in California. The 69-year-old labelled the former Secretary of State a "disaster".

"Do you think, honestly, honestly, honestly, do you think Hillary looks presidential in office? I don't think so," he said.

Trump added, "And I'm not going to say it, because I'm not allowed to say it because I want to be politically correct, so I refuse to say that I cannot stand her screaming into the microphone all the time."

Trump has also been accused of racism and xenophobia during his controversial campaign, which has seen him propose a temporary ban on Muslims entering the US and building a wall along the US-Mexico border. There were a number of protesters outside the venue where Trump spoke on 27 May, with one labelling the Republican as a "fascist".

Kathleen Healy said, "I'm out here because I believe it's important to stand up for what you believe in or in this case stand up for what you don't believe. Which is racism, hate, fascism."

Despite being the presumptive nominee for the Republican Party's presidential candidate, Trump secured enough delegates to confirm his candidacy on 26 May. Several unbound delegates have reportedly told Associated Press they will be supporting Trump at the Republican Convention, meaning he is likely to easily win the nomination easily, unless a new candidate announces during the convention and wins over sufficient delegates to trump Trump.