The newly launched iPad has already notched up a series of user complaints and bug announcements. There have been reports of overheating, problems with battery charging and poor Wi-Fi signal reception. Apple discussion forums are buzzing with complaints about all these issues.

New iPad complaints
A number of minor issues have cropped up from owners of the new iPad.

Issues with Overheating

This is not the first report of performance trouble for the new iPad. An earlier IBTimes UK report suggested that while running graphic-heavy apps, Apple's newest tablet runs as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than the iPad 2.

A similar report from US-based consumer advocacy group Consumer Reports reached the same conclusion. The organisation's report claimed the new iPad hit 116F, while running graphics-heavy action games like Infinity Blade II.

iPad overheating
An infrared image of the new iPad next to the iPad 2. (Image Credit:

Here is an extract from the latter's findings:

"When unplugged, the back of the new iPad reached temperatures as high as 113 degrees Fahrenheit. It was only when plugged in that it hit 116 degrees. The hottest areas weren't evenly distributed throughout the iPad's back, but were concentrated near one corner of the display as shown in the images taken from the rear of the device above. So when plugged in, the back of the new iPad became as much as 12 degrees hotter than the iPad 2 did in the same tests; while unplugged the difference was 13 degrees."

However, Apple has indicated it finds nothing unusual in the product's operational tendencies.

"The new iPad delivers a stunning Retina display, A5X chip, support for 4G LTE plus 10 hours of battery life, all while operating well within our thermal specifications," a company spokesperson told The Loop, "If customers have any concerns they should contact AppleCare."

Battery Charging

There are also bugs reported with the charging of the battery, leading to some users unintentionally overcharging their devices. According to a report by iLounge, the new iPad continues to charge, for as long as an hour, after the indicator shows 100 percent. This suggests the on-screen indicator is not accurate and there could be a possible issue with the software.

"The third-generation iPad, when connected to power via the included Apple 10W power adapter, actually continued to draw 10W of power for up to one hour after reaching what is reported by iOS as a full 100 percent charge," writes DisplayMate President Ray Soneira in an email exchange with iLounge.

Wi-Fi Signal Reception

There are reports of weak Wi-Fi capabilities of the new iPad, at least compared to the iPad 2. Some users also reported weak or no reception in areas where they earlier (with older iPad models) got better signal strength.

Here are a number of comments from the Apple forums on the Wi-Fi issue:

  • "I had an ipad1 and no problems, iP ad2 and no problems, ipad3 wifi is WEAK. Settings are the same as the ipad2. I am running an iPhone 4s and an i7 MacBook air on the same routers. I have two year old Apllt Airport Extreme, one at work one at home and there are setup the same. Only the iPad 3 give me wifi issues," writes one such user.
  • "I've done some measuring on range iPad2 out to about 75ft before dropping to 2 bars and out to 100ft and still get 1 to 2 bars. ......... iPad3 out to 35ft before dropping to two bars and at 45 to 50 ft you're down to one bar. Past that you can forget it. What a rip off this new device has turned out to be. Come on Apple, you can't keep customers doing things like this," added the same user.
  • "My shiny new iPad only works if I sit within six feet of my router. Tried two routers and it's the same. I sold my iPad 1. How I wish I could have it back. This one is no more use than a desktop with an Ethernet connection," said a second user.
  • "I picked mine up at Best Buy on Friday on my way to the airport for our honeymoon in Hawaii (Kauai). What a disappointment it has turned out to be. Pictured myself reading the news with it each morning over long, relaxed breakfasts and coffee and in a lounge chair by the pool. Instead, I am sitting in a beautiful restaurant typing this with my big awkward laptop. The iPad goes back to Best Buy when I get home," runs a third complaint.

According to a RedmondPie report, some users have been so incensed they have returned their iPads and received a product replacement that doesn't seem to have the same problem. The report further adds that Wi-Fi concerns raised by users are apparently similar to those expressed in 2010, when the original iPad was launched. Apple later solved the issue through an iOS software update.

Safari Image Scaling Issue

Earlier this week, Tom's Hardware reported that Safari on the new iPad was found to automatically scale large images down as low as one megapixel resolutions. The problem with this was that it negated the Retina Display. However, the workaround suggested (by web developer Duncan Davidson) is to save the image to Photos - which preserves the original resolution.

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