iPad 3 shipments
iPad 3 shipments postponed to 19 March Photo: Apple

Experts have warned about Apple's New iPad running out of stocks, and their prediction seems to have come true.

Latest reports suggest that the tech giant has totally run out of its launch day iPad supplies in its U.S. online store. Now, March 19 has been projected as the latest shipping date for all models. This would be bad news for all gadget geeks who have been anxiously waiting to get the New iPad on March 16.

Reports reveal that a similar situation exists in the Canadian online store, even as the stores for Australia and Singapore quote shipping dates of March 22 for all models.

Furthermore, according to MacRumors, stores for Apple's European launch countries (France, Germany, Switzerland, and the UK) and Japan are quoting shipping estimates oftwo to three weeks for new orders.

A smooth launch of the New iPad in another 25 countries on March 23 is doubtful, as Apple finds itself in a fix with the backlog of the first batch pre-orders.

The company finds itself on a tight leash with mounting pressure of making enough stock available to meet the overwhelming consumer demand for the new tablet in the second round of pre-orders.

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