The President-elect's home, Trump Tower, in midtown Manhattan, New York Drew Angerer/Getty Images

The city of New York has asked the US government to foot the $35m bill (£27.5m) for protecting President-elect Donald Trump until he becomes president.

Mayor Bill de Blasio made the formal request to President Barack Obama on Monday (5 December) as Trump is expected to undertake most of his business until his inauguration in his Manhattan penthouse.

De Blasio's application is backdated to Trump's election on 8 November and estimates the cost until 20 January, the day he officially becomes president.

Costs are over $475,000 (£373,180) a day, which will cover the round-the-clock security at Trump Tower at 57th Street and 5th Avenue – one of the busiest areas in New York.

The property tycoon turned Republican president-elect has lived and worked from the 58-story building for years.

The surrounding area is expected to become even more busy in the run up to Christmas, with Fifth Avenue being one of the city's most prestigious shopping streets.

New York police chief James O'Neill told AFP reporters the force was expending "a tremendous number of resources" in the area to keep traffic moving through Midtown Manhattan.

The police force has a truck restriction in place at 59th Street, but the arrival of high-profile visitors such as Trump's prospective cabinet nominees means traffic is delayed as more stringent security is required.

That difficulty is also heightened with Trump Tower becoming an increasingly popular attraction with tourists hoping to catch a glimpse of the president-elect.

In the press conference confirming the request for reimbursement, De Blasio joked that he would not have minded the chaos caused if only Trump had relocated his golf course from neighbouring New Jersey.

He added: "It's a tough situation. It's an unprecedented situation. It's going to get, I think, better after 20 January, because the holidays will be over and most of the time Trump will be in Washington."