A New Zealand woman has put part of her backside up for sale on an online auction site.

Tina Beznec, 23 is offering part of her rear for a tattoed advert on auction site Trade Me under the title 'YOUR Tattoo on my Bum!!'

Bidding stands at NZ$12,200 (£6,318) and the reserve has already been met. The auction is due to end on Friday.

Beznec said that 20% of the auction takings would go to a charity of the buyer's choice. The buyer will receive a framed photograph of Beznec's backside when the tattoo is complete.

The 23-year-old claims to have had a tough time over the past 12 months and lost her job twice.

"Ok so 20% of the auction winnings will go to a charity of your choice and the rest will go to me, I deserve it, I have been made redundant TWICE over the past year," she said on the site.

Beznec, from Lower Hutt, suggested a buyer could use her bum as advertising space, for a marriage proposal or just plain 'awesomeness'.

The move has garnered a slew bum-related-puns. "So you dont mind being the Butt of everyones (sic) jokes ?" said one. She replied: "Na it's a crack up......no pun intented(sic)"