Photo of Liam Lyburd
This photograph of Liam Lyburd was handed out in court for jurors to see Court handout

A 19-year-old teenager has been found guilty of plotting a massacre at Newcastle College. Former student Liam Lyburd was convicted of eight counts to possessing weapons with intent to endanger life at Newcastle Crown Court and reportedly smirked and made a gun gesture to his head as the verdict was read out.

He was arrested at his home in Hamilton Place, which he shared with his mother and sister, after he posted chilling posts on Facebook. Officers found weapons ranging from five pipe bombs with nails taped around them, a black 9mm handgun, and a "kill bag" which had a balaclava, safety glasses and elbow and knee pads.

Lyburd admitted nine counts of making or possessing the weapons, but denied eight charges of possessing those items with an intent to endanger life.

Weaponary recovered from Liam Lyburd's
Weapons recovered from Liam Lyburd's home in Newcastle Court handout

The court heard a file entitled 'Newcastle College' was found on his laptop.

It read: "I'll see you in Newcastle College today. It's my first day back since 2012 the year in which my life became miserable after being kicked out for nothing.

"I'll get my power back today haha... You ruined my whole life, don't expect me to show any mercy today. No-one disrespects me and gets away with it. I will teach you a little lesson on respect with my 9mm hollow points ;).

"It's time for extreme civil disobedience. Fantasy will become reality for sure. Where the mind goes the body will follow and yes, people will die there's no question about that."

A spokesperson for Newcastle College said: "The safety of our students and staff is always our top priority and we would like to thank Northumbria Police who we worked closely with throughout the incident."

Lyburd is due to be sentenced on 25 September.