Patricia McKay

In a shocking and tragic incident, Patricia "Trish" McKay, wife of renowned banker and former CEO of Auckland Council Doug McKay, was brutally killed in front of her husband during a robbery at Fashion Island Mall in Newport Beach, California.

The Incident

The tragic event unfolded in broad daylight as Patricia and Doug McKay stood outside a Barnes & Noble bookstore at approximately 3:30 pm. Two men approached the couple with the intent to rob them at gunpoint. Witnesses reported that the assailants initially attempted to steal Doug McKay's expensive watch. When he resisted, they turned their attention to Patricia's handbag.

Dan Sheen, a shopper at a nearby Whole Foods, described the harrowing scene: "I heard some shots ring out as I was walking out. They went after Doug's watch but then turned their attention to Patricia's bag. There was a struggle, and everyone freaked out and ran for cover."

Final Moments

In the ensuing chaos, Patricia McKay was dragged into the car park where the robbers' getaway vehicle, a Toyota Camry, was waiting. In a desperate bid to escape, the driver ran over Patricia, causing fatal injuries. Sheen recounted the horrifying sequence of events: "I heard the screech of the car and then the terrible impact as they ran her over." Patricia McKay was pronounced dead at the scene, while her husband, Doug, escaped without serious physical injury.

Pursuit and Arrests

Newport Mall Suspect
One of the suspects from the attempted robbery and homicide which happened at the Fashion Island Mall that killed Trish McKay (Photo grabbed from KTLA 5 YouTube)

Newport Beach Police responded swiftly, launching a high-speed pursuit of the suspects who fled the scene. During the chase, which reached speeds of 110 mph on the 105 freeway and extended into Los Angeles County, the suspects fired shots from their moving vehicle, further endangering the public.

The chase concluded dramatically when the suspects abandoned their car near Los Alamitos and attempted to flee on foot. Police apprehended one suspect hiding behind trash cans and soon located the other two. The suspects, identified as Jaden Cunningham, 18, of Lancaster; Malachi Edward Darnell, 18, of Los Angeles; and Leroyernest Joseph McCrary, 26, of Compton, are now in custody, facing charges of homicide, robbery with a firearm, and conspiracy.

Community and Family Response

The Newport Beach community is reeling from the shock of this senseless act of violence. Patricia McKay's family issued a heartfelt statement: "No words can express our sadness as we try to come to terms with the loss of our mother, wife, and friend Patricia."

Local officials and community members have also expressed their condolences. Auckland's Deputy Mayor Desley Simpson described Trish as "amazing - funny, loyal, and loving." Newport Beach City Mayor Will O'Neill, visibly shaken by the incident, stated, "I'm horrified. I'm mourning the loss of someone who died inside of our city because of crime. This is a tragedy, and I'm furious."

Bank of New Zealand CEO Dan Huggins extended his condolences, saying, "Our thoughts go out to both Trish's family and Doug. We are doing all we can to support them now."

Increased Security Measures

In response to the tragedy, police have heightened security measures at Fashion Island Mall to ensure the safety of shoppers. Flowers and tributes have begun to accumulate outside Barnes & Noble, where Patricia McKay's life was tragically cut short.

This heartbreaking incident underscores the fragility of life and the necessity for community support in times of adversity. The Newport Beach community stands united in mourning the loss of Patricia McKay and condemning the senseless violence that took her life.