Neymar Jr. is still hurting after Brazil lost the Copa America final against Argentina over the summer. Unfortunately for him, his Argentine teammates at Paris Saint-Germain are not making it easy for him to forget. The Brazilian could not help but react to a photo posted on Leandro Paredes' Instagram, showing himself with Angel Di Maria and Lionel Messi while relaxing in a living room with the Copa America trophy just casually standing beside them.

In the photo, the three PSG players appear to be lounging in a living room while watching television and enjoying some drinks. The trophy is on the floor beside Messi, as if it had a life of its own. In the caption, Paredes said, "Bien acompañados (Good company)."

The three Argentina internationals are clearly enjoying themselves, as they rub salt in the wounds of their Brazilian teammate. Hilariously, Neymar could not hold back from hitting back with an insult. He commented "p*tos" in the post, but the laugh/cry emoji made it clear that he was just messing around. It's a lighthearted moment which is a rare glimpse into what kind of banter goes on inside the PSG dressing room.

Other Argentina players could not help but comment as well. Aston Villa and Argentina goalkeeper Emi Martinez wrote: "Que photo casual (What a casual photo)," adding "@angeldimariajm ponele agua al mate (Angel, put water in it)."

Tottenham Hotspur and Argentina player Giovani Lo Celso also joined in the fun, commenting with a series of flame emojis.

While there is no news of any real animosity in the PSG dressing room , Neymar is certainly outnumbered now that the Argentine players were able to recruit their captain to join the club. In any case, the relationship between Neymar and Messi has always been believed to be good, dating back to their days as teammates at FC Barcelona.

Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr.
On opposing sides with Argentina and Brazil -- but PSG's pairing of Messi and Neymar looks a mouthwatering scenario AFP / MAURO PIMENTEL