One Direction fans may have to wait longer for that much-awaited 1D reunion, after Niall Horan practically shut down any hope of a comeback concert.

Fans have waited for the boys to get back together following their hiatus in 2016. There have been rumours of a reunion happening on the band's 10th year anniversary in July. Horan addressed these speculations during a video interview with Jamie Redknapp on his "Redknapp's Home Fixture" podcast.

Redknapp brought up rumours of the "chat reunions" and told the "Nice To Meet Ya" singer that "everyone wants to know, because if it happens, it's going to make lockdown worthwhile, it will cheer up the whole nation." The host said "it's the musical reunion we all want to see" and jokingly asked Horan if "Oasis are going to get back together?" The singer laughed but got the hint nevertheless.

"There was a bit of talk about it because in July it's ten years since the band got together, so everyone was waiting to see if anything was going to happen," Horan replied, when asked if the One Direction reunion is going to happen.

"We've been chatting about it, little bits and pieces that we can do, but nothing in terms of getting the band back together, so for now, no," he added.

1D fans were beyond excited when Liam Payne teased at a 10th-anniversary reunion earlier this month. He sounded hopeful when he said that he and his band mates are "in the middle of [figuring out] what to do" for the July event. He did tell the fans though, that he "can't promise any reunion plans" at the moment. They have only discussed about what they can do since it is going to be "a very big anniversary."

Payne remains hopeful and believes that the One Direction reunion is going to "happen at some point." Rumours have it that Zayn Malik will join his former band mates in the anticipated reunion. Aside from Horan and Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson make up the original five-member band.

Niall Horan
Niall Horan says there are no plans for a One Direction reunion just yet. Getty