Nick and Piers Morgan
Nick Clegg was left stunned by the comments by Piers Morgan ITV

The former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg was left dumbfounded after a series of tough questions on Good Morning Britain earlier today (2 May) – including the Liberal Democrats' broken promise over tuition fees.

The Lib Dem MP was appearing on the ITV breakfast show to discuss numerous issues ahead of the general election on the 8 June.

Co-host Piers Morgan said: "These are bold words from you. A lot of students in the country would look at you and think, that was a pretty cynical move, to promise the end of tuition fees and then treble them."

In 2010, the then Lib Dem leader promised not to increase tuition fees but, after entering the coalition government with the Conservatives, they were trebled from £3,000 per year to £9,000.

Morgan went on to say: "I will take it at your word that you are the shining bastion on non-cynicism in an otherwise, a cesspit of cynicism at Westminster and thank God you're here."

Seemingly left stunned by those comments, Clegg looks away from the camera and muttered "what an extraordinary man. You're so pompous Piers you really are."

Morgan then laughs replies: "What's pompous about that? It wasn't me that trebled tuition fees."