Many have taken to social media to comment on the surprise resignation of Ukip leader Nigel Farage, less than two weeks after the UK voted to leave the European Union.

In his announcement on 4 July, Farage said he had achieved his political ambition and wanted his life back, prompting many to mock the right-wing politician, who previously resigned in 2015 before returning as Ukip leader.

Farage said: "During the referendum I said I want my country back. What I'm saying today, is I want my life back, and it begins right now. I have decided to stand aside as leader of Ukip. The victory for the 'Leave' side in the referendum means that my political ambition has been achieved."

Addressing his previous resignation, Farage insisted that this time it was permanent. He noted that he only came back in 2015 to "fight this referendum", but promised that he won't be changing his mind again.

IBTimes UK rounds up some of the best Twitter reaction's to the Ukip leader's step down from politics. One Twitter user commented: "Pretty sure Nigel Farage 'resigns' every time he walks past a Wetherspoons at 9.30am and needs to justify a breakfast sharpener."

Another resurrected last week's joke, comparing the Brexit result with the scene from Monty Python And The Holy Grail's scene where King Arthur shouts "run away, run away". One claimed Farage is "like that naughty kid in school who convinces you to do something stupid then runs away".

On a more serious note one Tweeter wrote: "I'm not Mystic Meg but UKIP will merge with the Conservatives and by Halloween Mr Farage will be back." And Brave New World Kate wrote: "I have destroyed the country, made racism and bigotry acceptable. My work here is done."

But the best Twitter response came from Ukip's only MP, Douglas Carswell...