A British family faced a pre-Christmas tragedy during their Spanish holiday. While swimming in the pool of a Costa del Sol resort, a nine-year-old girl started facing difficulties. Her father and brother jumped in to try and rescue the drowning child. However, in a tragic turn of events, all three were found unresponsive in the pool. Investigators are trying to find out the reason behind all three family members facing difficulty in the water leading to their deaths.

The family had been vacationing at Club La Costa World, when the young girl got into a distressing situation. Her 52-year-old father jumped in to try and help her. Following her father, the girl's 16-year-old brother tried to assist his father and sister. When the first response team and emergency services reached the trio, they were already unresponsive.

It is speculated that the mother of the girl raised the alarm when she saw her daughter struggling. The emergency service team administered first aid to the three victims but were unable to resuscitate them.

Father and two children drowned in a Spanish resort pool. Ralf Hirschberger/AFP

An investigation had been launched to find out the reason behind the three unfortunate deaths. The investigating team will be examining the pool pump to check if the suction had something to do with the distress the family faced.

The bodies of the victims have been sent to the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Malaga where a post-mortem study will be conducted.

The girl, her father, and her mother have been confirmed tobe British citizens. The older boy had been travelling with an American passport unlike the rest of his family.

The Mirror shared the witness accounts of other guests who spoke about the sombre atmosphere the resort was plunged into. 23-year-old Tanya Aamer from Birmingham recalled how she saw the three bodies covered in white sheets. Aamer reported that at first, the other guests at the hotel were confused about what was going on and later it became clear that some people had drowned in the pool.

Club La Costa World operator CLC World Resorts & Hotels shared its condolences and has assured that the resort will assist the investigation. The operator also stated their gratitude towards the service provided by the first response teams and emergency services.