A bartender serves alcohol at a bar in Prague. Reuters

Bratislava - the capital of Slovakia - has been named as the cheapest place for soon-to-be-wed Brits to go on a stag do – even less expensive than staying in England and heading to Blackpool from London.

According to travel money specialist No1. Currency, the Slovakian capital will set a stag do attendee back just £96 (€122, $157) for all the 'essentials'.

The travel firm factored in all costs, such as a return flight from London, a night in a youth hostel, and a hangover fry-up cure.

However, travelling to Blackpool from London by train, for one last hurrah as a bachelor will cost £165 - only a fry-up is cheaper than the Slovakian equivalent.

Ibiza is the most expensive destination, with a stag do cost of £302 – over £100 more than the second most expensive location, which is Magaluf (£193).

"Going abroad for a stag weekend is very popular among soon-to-be-wed Brits, and with considerable cost savings to be made, it's easy to understand why," said Simon Philips, head of retail at No1. Currency.

"Eastern Europe offers some of the best value for money, with cities such as Bratislava, Tallinn and Budapest boasting cheap accommodation, club entry, and perhaps most importantly, cheap pints.

"Brits heading to the Eurozone will also enjoy the benefits of a strong pound. Exchange £300 for spending money this year and you'll get €374, compared to €358 last year. As our research shows, that can pay for quite a few extra drinks.

"It's well worth ordering and collecting your currency before you leave the UK to enjoy the most favourable exchange rates, and that also means no worries about tracking down cash points while you're out having fun."

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