There's nothing worse than getting your hands the brand new phone you've been waiting for and it's dogged with problems.

That's what's happening to customers who bought Nokia's new Lumia 900 in the US over Easter. Just when the Finnish phone makers wanted to really get their teeth into the smartphone market, they've now admitted this new model has a software bug that's cutting off data connections.

Nokia hasn't much luck lately because the reviews of the phone weren't that great - critics citing underlying problems with its Windows 7 platform. Now if you've got one of these phones you can do one of 2 things A) wait until next Monday 16th, when the software update to fix the bug becomes available or B) swap your shiny new Nokia Lumia 900 for an updated model. Added bonus is if you buy the phone by April 21<sup>st you'll get a $100 credit to your phone bill.

Interesting to see if news of the bug will have any affect on UK sales at all. The phone hits shops on British shores in just over two weeks time.