North Korea has lambasted the US President Donald Trump ahead of his key Asia tour, calling him "incurably mentally deranged" for the American leader's recent remarks. Pyongyang has said Trump is revealing his "true nature as a nuclear war maniac" as he has been making serious threats against the reclusive Kim Jong-un regime of North Korea.

The American president is set to begin his 12-day Asia tour from Japan on Sunday, 5 November. The tour will then take him to other nations such as South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines. North Korea will remain on top of Trump's agenda during the visit.

Just as to step up the rhetoric amid a tense atmosphere prevailing in the Korean peninsula region, the North has published more than one commentaries pouring scorn on Trump in its state-run mouthpieces.

In one of the dispatches carried by the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), the hermit kingdom was responding to Trump's comments during his interviews with various media outlets.

"The mouth of Trump, master of invective ill-famed for spouting bellicose and irresponsible rhetoric, caused trouble again," started the KCNA report. Through his comments and recent military manoeuvres in the Korean peninsula, Trump has "disclosed his true nature as a nuclear war maniac before the world and was diagnosed as "incurably mentally deranged," said the report.

Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un have been trading war of words and personal insults in recent weeks exacerbating the situation in the region. While Trump ridiculed Kim as a "little rocket man," the North responded by chiding him as a "dotard," referring him as a senile or old person.

Meanwhile, it has emerged that Trump will not be visiting the demilitarised zone (DMZ), the heavily fortified border separating the two Koreas. Instead, Trump will visit a major US military base, Camp Humphreys, when he visits South Korea on 7-8 November.

"The president is not going to visit the DMZ. There is not enough time in the schedule," an unnamed senior Trump administration official told reporters. "It would have had to have been the DMZ or Camp Humphreys. No President has visited Camp Humphreys and we thought that that made more sense in terms of its messaging, in terms of the chance to address families and troops there."