The ongoing tension in the Korean Peninsula has forced the US to delay its intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) test, which was scheduled to take place later this week, say the American officials.

The unusual decision by Washington was "to avoid any misinterpretation or miscalculation" as Pyongyang continues to make hostile remarks against the US, said a senior Pentagon official.

The Minuteman 3 test was supposed to take place out of Vandenberg Air Force Base in California and could now be postponed till May. "This is the logical, prudent and responsible course of action to take," said the defence official on condition of anonymity.

The test has been put off although it is connected to the ongoing joint military exercise between South Korea and the US. The official insisted that the US is fully prepared to respond any provocations by North Korea. The White House earlier said it would "not be surprised" if Pyongyang presses ahead with another nuclear test in the coming days.

However, the American officials have also cast doubts on whether North Korea will be ready to kick start a full-fledged war, given the circumstances.

The decision by the US authorities has come after Pyongyang moved two-medium range missiles to its eastern coast according to reports emerging from Seoul.

Experts believe even though Pyongyang's missiles have the capability to carry nuclear warheads, the defiant nation does not possess the technology to develop such warheads.

Critics suggest the latest round of threats by Pyongyang is to boost North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's image in his country as his grandfather Kim Il-sung's birthday falls on 15 April.

The anniversary is generally a time for North Korea to flex its military muscle and for mass celebrations in the country heaping praises on its leaders.