The North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been given the title of 'Marshal of the Army', the country's top military rank which cement's the leaders control over the army.

Kim Jong-un, seen here is believed to be in his late 20s, has steadily worked to impose his own stamp on the top leadership of North Korea. On Sunday a Vice Marshal was removed to clear the way for Jong-un to take control. The probable reason being that the country's leading military figure, was seen as close to his father Kim Jong-il. His term in office since his father's death is, at least on the surface, a sharp change from the former leader's dour rule which took North Korea deeper into isolation, abject poverty and large-scale political repression. Once the official mourning period was over, the youngest Kim to rule North Korea was seen laughing with fusty old generals, gesticulating in delight at a military parade and, the biggest shock of all, speaking in public. Most North Koreans went to their graves never having heard Kim the elder speak.

This latest title among many glittering self imposed titles,cements Kim Jong-un's power, in the isolated and impoverished state, that has a 1.2 million strong military. Experts say these latest moves have more to do with a shifting of the guards, surrounding the young leader, than any fundamental changes in policy.

Written and Presented by Ann Salter