San Francisco City's Board of Supervisors has officially labelled the National Rifle Association (NRA) as a "domestic terror group." The decision came after a mass shooting in Gilroy, California devastated an outdoor festival in July.

The Board of Supervisors passed the resolution condemning the NRA's hand in the increase in gun violence. A resolution to brand the NRA as a domestic terror group was widely approved by the board. According to the resolution, the NRA uses wealth and power to increase gun ownership and instigate gun violence.

Catherine Stefani, a San Francisco Supervisor, was responsible for bringing the resolution to the Board meeting. Stefani told KTVU that she will do whatever it takes to call out NRA on their actions. She stated that the NRA is a domestic terror group and the fact needs to be recognised by the rest of the nation. Even though the conservative Republicans support the NRA, Stefani said that she is ready to do all that it takes for the NRA to be recognised as the terror organisation. Stefani does not rest with San Francisco's declaration; she calls for other cities and states to recognise the same.

#BoycottNRA Trends As Social Media Users Try To End Business Ties To NRA
National Rifle Association (NRA) CEO Wayne LaPierre.

Even though the NRA has been dubbed a terror organisation, the resolution does not prevent any business from associating with the organisation. However, discourages all businesses associated with the city and county of San Francisco from associating with the NRA.

NRA took to Twitter to refute the resolution passed by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Wayne LaPierre, CEO of the NRA, gave an exclusive video to Breitbart News where he addresses San Francisco's resolution. LaPierre points out that the resolution is an attempt by the government to misdirect the people. He says that instead of addressing the real issues, the Board of Supervisors are targeting the NRA to appease the residents of the city.

San Francisco anti-gun politicians declared the NRA a "terrorist org." The @NRA is millions of Americans who fight for their #2A freedoms.

Are you an @NRA member who is tired of being called every name in the book and blamed for crimes you don't commit? RT and use #IAmTheNRA

— NRA (@NRA) September 5, 2019

NRA supporters have lashed out against the resolution. NRA has flooded its twitter page with tweets which are aimed to prove that they are not a terror group. They have even resorted to recalling the memory of 9/11 attacks to remind people what "real terrorism" is.

There are real victims of terrorism – ask those who lost someone in 9/11. @NRA is the fabric of American society. We are teachers, doctors, cops, and everyone who fights for America's freedoms. San Fran should be ashamed.@NRA members: Show them who you are!

Tweet #IAmTheNRA

— NRA (@NRA) September 5, 2019