The nationwide service outage hitting hundreds of thousands of customers has thrown up some humourous tweets mocking those without service.

John Prescott O2songs o2 service outage

Twitter is usually the first refuge of people looking to vent their anger at a service provider or company and the nationwide service outage hitting the 02 network has been no different.

However in the midst of the angry tweets from customers telling O2 just what they think of its service, a new trending topic has emerged, with the hashtag 'O2songs'.

The trend seems to be have been started by none other than John Prescott, former deputy prime minister, when he tweeted: "#O2 songs I just couldn't call to say I love you."

Prescott followed up with: ""#O2songs Hello. Hello!.....Hello!" and "#O2songs I want to break free.....from my O2 contract." But others soon joined in the fun with Keely Archer coming up with: "#O2songs We don't talk anymore."

Breda Mooney added: "#02songs Don't speak, I know what you're thinking 02s left me reeling, don't tell me cos it hurts, Don't speak..." referencing the No Doubt song Don't Speak.

Our very own Lianna Brinded joined in the fun with a reference to that icon of late 1980s pop culture, Rick Astley: "#02songs "never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna shut down and desert you" Rickrolled ..."

Our favourite thus far however is something a little more classical and high-brow, with Brian Chapman's simple but effective: "O2 Joy #O2songs" referencing Beethoven's Ode to Joy.

If you have any more #O2songs you want to share with us then please do so in the comments below.

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