US President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron are due to give a press conference outside 10 Downing Street.

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13:48: The US President closes the conference by thanking the media and people for their support regarding the recent deaths caused by a tornado in Missouri.

13:43 Answering to the same question, Cameron says the US president's speech was bold. The US and UK will always stand for Israel's right to exist. However both parties need to understand that peace can only come from them. Meanwhile both the UK and US will make efforts to get the peace process starting. The PM makes a parallel between the difficult history the UK and Northen Ireland once shared. Obama adds that his visit to Ireland was inspiring. people of good will remain engaged and ultimately the worst of conflict can be resolved he adds.

13:39: Obama warns that Hamas still does not recognise Israel an existing state, which can explain Israeli's refusal to consider peace talks with Hamas. With regards to Palestinian leaders going to the UN Obama says the only toward peace id for both parties to agree to peace. Hamas also needs to renounce violence

13:35 Answering a question on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict Obama says his goal is a Jewish state of Israel that is safe abnd secure and recognised by its neighbour and a sovereign state of Palestine. he is confident this will be achieve but acknowleges it night take some time as many issues such as palestinian refugees, jerusalem and Israel's security still need to be tackled. the negotiations need to be more transparent.

13:35: David cameron agrees with Obama on the fact that each country is different and may take slightly diferent paths, which is fine as long as they end upm in the same place,he adds

13:34 Cameron comes back in the Gary Mckinnon affair and says he trust the British legal system

13:29. Each country is different and each country will have to make its own decision on how to better come out of the economy crisis says Obama. Continuing to invest in diversified areas is a priority, he pursued. Both the UK and US do whatever they can do overcome the crisis but the process is a constant process, making adjustments will be necessary.

13:28: Don't underestimate the effort of the coalition in building up the opposition in Libya, says Cameron

13:27: the US has provided a lot of air assets insists the PM

13:26: David Cameron insists patience is a key component of the operation

13:25: This is going to be a slow staedy process says Obama talking about the outcome of the opearation. He insists the Libyan people will be in control of the future new regime.

13:25: Both leaders defend the operation in Libya

13:21: Answering a question on Libya, Obama says the main goal of the Nato-led operation is to free the Libyan people

13:20: both countries need to use military power in a useful way says Obama.

13:18: He adds once again that the UK and US share a special relationship

13:16: Obama says the coalition will be successful in its bid to rid the Libyan population of Col. Gaddaffi. He came back on the UN mandate which act as a legitimisation of the current Nato-led operation.

13:15: British PM says the UK and the US strongly agree on policies touching afghanistan and Libya, even if the two countries do things differently

13:14: Cameron says both leaders agree they need to 'turn up the heat' with regards to Libya. The UK will lookn at all the possible options to put more pressure on Gaddafi's regime

13:12: The US president comes back on the barbecue and closes his address wby thanking David cameron

13:11: Obama announces that topic such a Libya and Syria have been discussed during the talks held earlier on today.

13:11: The UK and US strongly support democracy and oppose authoritarian regimes that are willing to kill their citizens and disrespect human rights

13:10: The US president comes back on Afghanistan and the need to support reforms brout about by President Karzai

13:07: The special and essential relationship is based on shared values and ideals, add Obama. One of these aim is to overcome the economic crisis by increasing cooperation in a wide range of fields such as education or research

13:06: Obama is now talking and opened his statement by thanking the Queen and the British people for they warm welcome

13: 05: The UK and US share the same goals and ambition

13:05: Supporting the pro-democracy movenments in the Middle East and North Africa, is also necessary in order to make the world a safer place. The British PM also warns Gaddaffi that he will have to step away fron state power

13:02: The Israeli-Palestinian peace process is necessary to prevent terrorism and fundamentalism from spreading further in the region

13:01: The British Prime Minister affirms we need to work closer with Pakistan as the country has been affected by terrorism by a long time. He adds Pakistan's peace will be a top priority.

13:00 Cameron comes back on the special relationship between the UK and the US and detail their cooperation on economic but also security issues.

12:58: Both leaders have now arrived with cameron opening up the press conference and praising the US President

12: 55: As the audience is still waiting for both leaders to arrive, the press wonders whether Obama will comment on netanyahu's congress speech.

12:51: During the conference topics such as the Nato-led operation in Libya and Afghanistan are expected to be dealt with.

12:36: Barack Obama and David Cameron are expected to arrive at any time now as their barbecue is nearly finished.