Occupy London: St. Paul’s More Concerned About Tourists’ Wallets then Protesters in Need?
Occupy protesters will see this as a small victory Alastair Stevenson

The Occupy protesters have been asked to leave by St Paul's to leave after the cathedral was forced closed its doors to the public for the first time since World War II because of the demonstration.

The Reverend Graeme Knowles said the building could no longer accept members of the public into the building, but one protester said she felt: "Heartened that he had validated the reasons for a legitimate protest."

The protesters have been camped outside the cathedral since Saturday and had threatened to stay there months but now seem to be thwarted but the announcement.

Yesterday, the St Paul's had warned protesters of the long term damage it was causing by camping there as it resembled a fire and safety hazard.

Protesters say on the social networks they are adamant that they will stay, but with the Cathedral now wishing the demonstration to go, it appears ever more likely the Occupy the London Stock exchange protest will end much faster than the organisers had hoped.