The location of the final stage of the Occupy London's "Occupy Everywhere" day of protest has been revealed as Piccadilly Circus.

Following a day of protest, the movement confirmed the location via its @OccupyLSX Twitter feed. "Occupy Street Party. Meet 6pm Piccadilly Circus tonight. Dress up, bring fun things, reclaim the public commons," read OccupyLSX's tweet.

Prior to the party the group had already been joined by American activist Reverend Jesse Jackson. Voicing support for the protest Jackson gave a speech commenting: "If Dr. King was here today he'd be occupying." Following up: "every battle we have fought, we have won. But to win, you have to fight."

The Occupy Everywhere event is one being enacted across the world by the various Occupy movements. Enacted today, Occupy everywhere was publicised via the group's web site.

"Occupy London - part of the global movement for social and economic justice - calls concerned citizens across the UK to get creative and Occupy Everywhere this Thursday 15 December.

"Occupy Everywhere marks the two month anniversary of the start of the first occupation in London, and alongside events in London. It is expected that other occupations across the UK will also be holding actions," read the movement's opening Occupy Everywhere statement.