In a movement dubbed "Occupy All Streets", anti-capitalist activists are urging people to make a stand for one hour at 11.11am on Remembrance Day (11.11.11) to protest "against greed, against poverty, against corrupt government, against the liars and thieves that usurp our human energy for unjust worldly gain."

In a video posted on YouTube, purportedly by Occupy Wall Street (OWS), the activists call upon "all the veterans in the war against greed" to "remain committed to our occupation" and stand for an hour in a place of their choosing.

Several Facebook pages have cropped up promoting the protest around the world, including ones in Italy, Spain, Hong Kong, Albania and New Zealand.

The official Occupy Wall Street website, however, bears no information about the upcoming protest.

OWS spokesman Bill Csapo told the International Business Times that although this movement might not be officially affiliated with Occupy, that fact alone should not serve to de-legitimise it.

"We are a very loose coalition. There are a lot of people who support our cause and feel the same way and want to do something - so this could be something they're planning," he said.

"If this was an official OWS operation I probably would have had wind of it. So it's probably an affinity group" he added.

Csapo also mentioned an OWS plan to occupy all the Federal Reserve banks in the U.S.

"What we have been talking about having simultaneous rallies at every Federal Reserve bank in the country all on the same day... but the date hasn't been decided yet," he said.

Requests for a statement from the organisers of the Occupy Italy protests were declined.