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Anonymous has released a fresh batch of videos chronicling yet more alleged incidents of New York police brutality against Occupy Wall Street protesters.

The videos appeared alongside a number of statements issued on the AnonymousIRC Twitter feed and AnonOps website.

"VIDEO: #NYPD used pepper spray, batons and brute force 2 move protesters away from the entrance to #WallStreet >>," read one tweet by Anonymous.

Besides violence against protesters, Anonymous also reported an attack by police on a journalist covering the protest.

"Journalist Luke Rudkowski was attacked by Police Wednesday Night while trying to document the Occupy Wall Street arrests in NY. NYPD used pepper spray, batons, and brute force to move protesters away from the entrance to Wall Street after many tried to push through police barricades. Rumors immediately circled that police provocateurs dressed as protesters were to blame for the incident," read Anonymous' report.

The two videos showing the incidents can be viewed here.

The latest incidents follow a series of reports suggesting New York police were using increasingly aggressive tactics against largely peaceful protesters. Two weeks ago, a high-ranking officer was caught on video used pepper spray on a group of peaceful female protesters.

The video led to increased coverage of the movement and a questioning of the police's tactics. The officer shown in the video was later identified as Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna, who has been accused of past acts of brutality against protesters.

The video feed showing the Occupy Wall Street protest can be viewed here.