US President Donald Trump defended his quick-fire use of Twitter in an interview with Fox News that aired on Sunday (22 October), saying social media helped him win the presidency. Trump also described his tweets as "well-crafted", noting that he was "always a good student".

During his interview with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on "Fox Business Network", Trump said using social media allows him to bypass so-called "fake news" reports, get his message out to the media and reach American citizens directly.

"Tweeting is like a typewriter – when I put it out, you put it immediately on your show," the president said. "I doubt I would be here if it weren't for social media, to be honest with you.

"When somebody says something about me, I am able to go bing, bing, bing and I take care of it. The other way, I would never be able to get the word out."

Trump has frequently garnered criticism over his controversial use of Twitter, with fervent calls for his @realDonaldTrump account to be banned from the site.

Many critics have also raised concerns over whether Trump has violated Twitter's harassment policies by attacking individuals, businesses and by threatening North Korea, which led to the hermit kingdom saying that it was a "clear declaration of war".

The president's factual inaccuracies and frequently deleted tweets, often due to syntax errors and spelling mistakes, have also raised eyebrows.

Trump, however, defended the quality of his tweets.

"You know, they're well-crafted," he said. "I was always a good student. I'm, like, a kind of person who does well with that kind of thing.

"And I doubt I'd be here if it weren't for social media, to be honest, because there is a fake media out there. I get treated very unfairly by the media, and I have a tremendous platform. I think I have 125 million people between Twitter, Instagram and Facebook."

Twitter, on the other hand, questioned Trump's claims and poked fun at his "well-crafted" tweets, with many citing his famous "covfefe" tweet as an example.

"Must have been graded on a yuge curve!" one Twitter user wrote. Another said, "He lives in his own little world in that orange head of his. Completely delusional outlook on everything #scary."

"Spelling and grammatical errors, poor vocabulary and a lack of awarenes of tone are a part of the craft," one user wrote.

"Again: he is the world's least self-aware human," another chimed.

Trump described his tweets as "well-crafted" and Twitter immediately mocked him for it REUTERS/Yuri Gripas