One Direction fans are convinced that Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson are reuniting this year, after they noticed an update to the band's official website.

The recent hint that fuelled fans' expectations to see the band together again on stage comes from a recent update to their website, which has been inactive for many years. Eagle-eyed fans noticed that at the bottom of the page, it now reads "2020 Sony Music Entertainment."

This simple phrase had 1D fans crossing their fingers that they will see a One Direction reunion in 2020, especially since Payne has been hinting at it too.

me in 2020 finally thinking I'm over 1D
suddenly: One Direction documentary, website active, 2020 on the bottom of their page, radio stations tweeting about

— LUCY 🍓 loves ruka, anne & meera (@duhitsnialler) January 6, 2020

"Don't forget y'all a while back ticketmaster released a show in dubai for december 31st 2020 indicating a reunion show (sorta like what mcr did back in december of 2019) and it was taken down almost immediately but left up enough time for fans to notice," one fan wrote.

"What do you mean One Direction website has 2020 on the bottom and it's active again?" one fan asked on Twitter. Another wrote, "7 hours ago the One Direction website wasn't working... now it works, what's happening?"

The update may be systematic though. One fan pointed out that it usually refreshes with the current year. Regardless of the real reason, fans are excited because the update came after the "Stack It Up" singer teased at a One Direction documentary coming out to celebrate the band's 10th anniversary. He talked about it while promoting his debut album, LP1, in an interview with Dubai's City Times. Payne let slip about the project while reminiscing about the band's memories together.

"It's hard for me to remember specific gigs because it was a blur of planes and sound checks and screams! I think we filmed that show and it will be part of a documentary around an anniversary," Payne said, as quoted by Just Jared.

One Direction will celebrate its 10th Year Anniversary in July 2020. So far, only Payne had let slip about the documentary. Even SiriusXM Hits 1 could not confirm its existence, but teased 1D fans that they are going to go big for the group's anniversary.

We're not sure at the moment. One thing we do know is that we're gonna celebrate their 10th anniversary in a big way and it's something you all can get involved in. Details to come soon! #Hits1D

— SiriusXM Hits 1 (@SiriusXMHits1) January 6, 2020

A One Direction reunion could happen especially since the boys are all eager to make it happen. Payne, Tomlinson, Horan, and Styles have all voiced their interest to perform as a group again. It is unknown if Zayn Malik, who left the group first, will join them.

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(L-R) Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Harry Styles of One Direction VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images